Exploring Birding Data and Creating Interactive Visualizations

Birding in R

Birding is the activity of observing birds, either with the naked eye or through visual enhancement devices like binoculars or a telescope. It also includes photographing birds and submitting observations to public databases.

My students learn biology, ecology, taxonomy, and even musculoskeletal and digestive systems while learning to see the little things in nature. They also develop a passion for birds and become lifelong learners.

Using eBird data

eBird is a global network of birders who submit observations to a central database. The straightforward data collection protocols and participation incentives engage large numbers of observers. The resulting data are valuable for species that are difficult to monitor using other techniques. However, eBird data contain significant levels of noise, and these must be carefully accounted for during data analysis.

Several R packages provide access to eBird data. Some, like auk and rebird, provide access to the full set of eBird observations, while others focus on specific types of analyses (e.g. presence-absence). These packages may be used with other tools for managing bird data, such as scrubr, which cleans biological occurrence records and is part of the rOpenSci suite.

The open eBird status and trends data products can be useful for strategic conservation planning, scientific modeling, and analyzing data from land trust hotspots. To access eBird status and trends information, first fill out the eBird data request form. This allows eBird to keep track of the number of people using the data and learn about the ways in which it is being applied.

Using Shiny

The Shiny application framework has made it easier for R users to build interactive web applications. It provides automatic reactive binding between inputs and outputs, making it easy to create a complex visualization in a few steps.

This is a template for a minimal Shiny app that doesn’t do much. You should copy this into a new folder named app.R and save it in RStudio. It is important that you follow the naming conventions for the files, or else RStudio won’t recognize it as a Shiny app.

This example uses the DT package to replace Shiny’s default table output with something more visually appealing. This is because Shiny’s default tables look very basic and are often hard to read. DT’s dataTableOutput() + renderTable() function is a great way to get around this problem. This function takes a comma-separated list of inputs and returns a beautiful data table. It also supports many other features that you can use to add interactivity to your app.

Using the BIRDS package

The BIRDS package is a set of tools for reviewing biodiversity data to understand the process that generated them. It takes a systematic approach to review the occurrence data, and provides summaries that inform about sampling effort (or data completeness). It also includes information on the spatial distribution of the data.

The vignette on the BIRDs website walks through the most important functions of the package, with examples and a workflow to help guide your decisions. The package also has a brief introduction video.

Modern birders are spoiled for choice when it comes to submitting their sightings. One of the most popular is eBird, developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This platform lets birders report the species they see and where they saw them. The resulting data is available to researchers, and helps them track bird populations over time.

Using a Shiny application

Shiny is an open-source package from RStudio that allows you to build interactive web applications without having knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. These apps can be used to visualize data, facilitate remote collaboration, and share results with others. They can be hosted on the web or embedded in R Markdown documents. Depending on the configuration, they can be displayed in a web browser or in RStudio’s built-in viewer pane.

Shiny apps are made up of two components: the UI and the server. The UI is the web page that users interact with, while the server processes R commands and updates the UI. The server runs on the computer that hosts the app, usually (also known as localhost).

To create a shiny app, you must source both the ui and the server files. Then, call the function shineApp(ui, server) to create the application. Once the application is ready, you can publish it using rsconnect. Then, users can access your app by entering the URL in a web browser.

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Michigan Bird Hunting Season: A Guide to the Abundant Upland Game Birds in the State

Michigan Bird Hunting Season

Michigan has a lot to offer hunters. The state recently simplified its small game licensing, so you can hunt everything from whitetail deer to turkey and ruffed grouse with just a base license.

Mourning doves are abundant in Michigan, especially south of a line running from Bay City to Ludington. The birds thrive in a wide range of habitats.

Ring-necked pheasant

The ring-necked pheasant is one of the most popular upland game birds in the United States. It is known for its dramatic coloration and spectacular running ability. It is also a tasty table bird.

The breeding season for the ring-necked pheasant lasts three months and begins in April. The peak nest initiation occurs in June. Incubation lasts from 23-25 days. The pheasant’s diet includes grasshoppers, corn, berries, seeds and insects. Its chicks feed on grasshoppers for their first six weeks of life.

Male ring-necked pheasants have bright red heads and an iridescent copper color on their back and sides. They have a white neck ring and long tails with black bars. Females are mottled brown with a long, pointed tail. Both sexes are vocal, with roosters crowing loudly in spring and summer at dawn and dusk. They can also make a high-pitched sound as they run. The ring-necked pheasant’s wings are not very strong, so it primarily walks on the ground and may run short distances.

Bobwhite quail

A bird hunter’s favorite, northern bobwhites are pursued with a passion in vast parts of the country. Their distinctive whistled call is heard afield in spring as they move through grassy pastures and brushy farmland. They typically live in groups, called coveys, of a half dozen to 20 birds or more. They feed on the ground, hiding beneath low cover and moving into vines or shrubs when threatened by predators.

Bobwhites prefer grasslands and early successional habitats with a mix of brush, young trees and cropland for nesting, brooding and escape cover. They can also be found in reverting fields, abandoned grain crops and hayfields with light hunting pressure. They need three types of interconnected habitat – quality nesting and brooding cover, a food source and an escape route from predators. Managing these factors doesn’t have to be complicated, as even simple steps such as mowing in March instead of October or leaving the edges of a crop field fallow can benefit quail habitat.

Ruffed grouse

The male ruffed grouse uses a non-vocal courtship display called drumming to attract females and advertise its territory. He perches on a platform, such as a log or mound, puffs up his feathers and fans his tail, then beats its wings rapidly. This creates a sound that can be heard up to a quarter of a mile away.

The sound mimics the beating of a drum and carries through forest openings. The bird’s behavior also warns predators to stay away.

After mating, the hen builds a bowl-shaped nest in dense forest on the ground or at the base of trees, stumps or brush piles. The clutch usually contains 10 – 14 eggs that hatch in 23 days. Hens do most of the parenting and defend the chicks from predators.

Landowners can help improve ruffed grouse habitat by creating patchwork of different-aged forest. Additionally, by periodically cutting and mulching forest sites, they can encourage the development of young vegetation that provides good hunting cover.


The American woodcock (Scopax minor) is a familiar presence in the fields and thickets of the eastern United States, where it’s pursued by a dedicated subset of hunters each spring. Also known as timberdoodle, mud snipe, marsh plover and night partridge, the diminutive game bird is distinguished by its whistling sky dance and peent call, an understated plea made during the twilight hours of dawn or dusk.

Wildlife biologists use the woodcock’s migratory pattern to monitor population trends. Each spring, they drive specific routes through the birds’ core breeding range and listen for males singing their distinctive song, which resembles a nasal “huh?” or a “pheet.”

Statewide, upland bird populations are influenced by weather conditions as well as habitat quality, especially during times of drought. During those times, the DNR and land managers in Michigan’s upland habitat initiatives work to create early successional forests through timber harvesting and planting native shrubs and trees and to manage wetlands for bird-supporting vegetation. The DNR uses Pittman-Robertson funds to support these programs on both public and private lands.

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The Key to Enhanced Lottery Gaming: 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알

Why 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알 is the Key to Seamless Lottery Gaming

Take a deep dive into the world of lottery gaming and you’ll quickly realize that it’s not just about luck. There’s a whole other side of things, one that’s driven by advanced technologies like the 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알. But what exactly is it and why is it so vital for lottery gaming? Let’s unwrap the mystery.

Understanding 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알

The 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알, at its core, is a tool designed to enhance your lottery gaming experience. It does so by parsing or analyzing your Powerball games, providing insights you can use to optimize your strategies. But how does it work and what benefits does this provide?

How 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알 Works

At first glance, lottery games may seem like a simple mix of numbers and chance. But look closer and you’ll see patterns and trends. The 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알 employs algorithms to study these patterns, forming a comprehensive understanding of your gameplay and even predicting future outcomes. You might be thinking, “That sounds fantastic, but what’s in it for me?”

The Benefits of Using 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알

By employing the 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알, you open the door to a wealth of gaming possibilities. You’ll get meticulous analysis of your gameplay, data that can highlight your strengths and target your weaknesses. You’ll also get access to predictive capabilities, giving you a leg up on the competition. Want to learn more about this tool?

Getting Started with 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알

To get started with the 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알, you simply need to sign up for a Powerball account. From there, you can access the tool and start your journey towards enhanced lottery gaming. So why wait? Click on to register today.

In conclusion, the 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알 is an innovative tool that transforms ordinary lottery gaming into a strategic endeavor. With its ability to parse and analyze your games, it opens the door to improved strategies and enhanced gaming experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알?

It’s a tool used in lottery gaming to analyze and optimize your Powerball games.


How does 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알 work?

It works by employing algorithms to study the patterns in your gameplay, forming a comprehensive understanding of it and predicting future outcomes.


What are the benefits of using 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알?

The benefits include data-driven gameplay analysis, targeted strategies, and predictive capabilities.


How do I start using 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알?

To start, you would need a Powerball account. Once you’ve signed up, you can access this tool.


Where can I access 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알?

You can access this tool by visiting 에볼루션파워볼 파싱알.…

Optimizing Workforce Performance Through Integrated Talent Management Software

Bird Dog HR Review

Bird dog hr is a comprehensive recruiting and talent management software company that offers managed services for the entire employee lifecycle. Its simple, easy-to-use cloud-based solution improves candidate quality and flow, reduces time to hire, centralizes learning and helps organizations meet compliance regulations. It also specializes in high-consequence and government contracting industries, where companies have unique needs.

Easy to use

BirdDog HR is easy to use and offers customer service around the clock. Its customers are also provided with a BirdDog HR expert who can help them get the most out of their new talent management system. This helps reduce the risk of error and saves the company time and money.

This integrated talent management software solution offers recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning and succession planning. Its automated process improves applicant flow and job distribution, and it enables employees to easily submit feedback and access training materials. It also streamlines and automates paperwork, which helps reduce hiring costs.

The platform is user-friendly and features mobile apps for candidates and employees. Moreover, the software integrates with payroll systems, which makes it more convenient for HR departments. The BirdDogHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is simple to implement and provides a robust feature set that will improve your recruitment processes. For example, one of its clients, SpawGlass, used the ATS to simplify their hiring processes. The application saved them 15-20 hours per week, allowing their HR team to focus on more strategic projects.

Easy to train

Bird dog hr is an easy to train and maintain exercise that strengthens the core muscles through bracing and anti-rotation. It also targets the glutes and shoulders to improve balance and stability. In addition, it may reduce low back pain and is a safe exercise during recovery from a back injury. The exercise also helps to increase range of motion in the shoulder joint and hips. It also works the erector spinae muscles, which are important for proper posture and movement.

Roading is an activity that professional bird dog trainers use to give their dogs a daily outlet for their energy and to condition them for the higher physical demands of the hunting season. Having adequate space and following the appropriate safety precautions are necessary to ensure that your dog can road safely.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, BirdDogHR provides comprehensive talent management software and managed services to help organizations nurture employees using best practices. Its cloud-based solution simplifies recruiting and onboarding, streamlines performance management and learning, and prepares employees for growth opportunities.

Easy to customize

In addition to attracting top talent, the BirdDogHR system automates and simplifies human capital management processes. From recruitment and applicant tracking to onboarding, performance management, learning and succession planning, this software is mobile friendly and easy to configure. It also provides a variety of other employee engagement tools that increase productivity and retention.

For example, one of their clients, SpawGlass, had seven locations and every job ad and candidate application was funneled through a single HR administrator who would then call the applicants to schedule interviews. With the help of the BirdDogHR ATS, they were able to streamline their recruiting process, saving the HR team 15-20 hours each week.

The company has a strong commitment to its customers and is focused on customer success. This is why they provide unlimited coaching and support with their ATS software. They’ll teach you how to use the system and help you integrate it with other tools that can help you attract and retain talent.

Easy to manage

The bird dog is a great exercise for anyone who wants to improve balance and core stability. It targets the erector spinae muscles, which are long thin muscles that run down your back from your neck to your lower back. It also strengthens your obliques and abdominal muscles. These muscles are essential for keeping your spine neutral under load, which can prevent lower back pain.

This movement is simple to execute and scales to any experience level. It can be used as part of a dynamic warm-up or recovery drill after a strength workout. It is also ideal for adding to a heavy barbell lift, as it can help you keep stable during the lift.

BirdDog HR is now Arcoro, and its integrated talent management software and managed services can help you optimize workforce performance. The company focuses on high-consequence industries like construction, engineering and skilled trades. Its managed services team acts as an extension of your department and delivers expert focus and strategy.

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The Revolution of Reliable and Secure Gaming: Exploring 메이저사이트

Stepping into the World of 메이저사이트

Online gaming has experienced a massive transformation, especially with the advent of 메이저사이트. This term, which has become a buzzword among gaming enthusiasts globally, refers to sites that offer a reliable, secure gaming environment. Let’s dive into the impressive world of 메이저사이트.

What is 메이저사이트?

With 메이저사이트, you move into a new realm of online gaming. The term 메이저사이트 refers to ‘major sites’ that have a strong reputation for their high-quality games, secure transactions and reliable service. Whenever you’re on a , you’re guaranteed seamless gaming experience in a secure environment.

Reliable Gaming Experience

What makes 메이저사이트 stand out from the crowd? One significant benefit is its reliability. The 메이저사이트 are platforms that have passed various levels of security checks. This verification ensures that only the best and safest sites carry the prestigious 메이저사이트 tag.

메이저사이트 and Its Impact

The 메이저사이트 is not just a platform; it’s a revolution in the gaming world that has impacted players’ experiences in multiple ways. The 메이저사이트 has brought peace of mind and security to online gamers and ensured their gaming experience isn’t marred by security loopholes.

Imagine playing your favorite game with complete peace of mind, knowing that your data and transactions are secure? That’s the experience 메이저사이트 guarantee.

Vertiginous Growth of 메이저사이트

The 메이저사이트 has experienced an upward trajectory due to its uncompromising focus on safety, security, and quality of games offered. This phenomenal growth has seen 메이저사이트 become a go-to platform for online gamers looking for a taste of the best in gaming.


The 메이저사이트 is more than just a gaming platform. It’s a fusion of reliability and security, all aimed at giving you an unforgettable gaming experience. So, next time you think of gaming online, consider 메이저사이트.


Q1. What is 메이저사이트?

A. 메이저사이트 refers to online major gaming sites that are known for their reliability, security, and high-quality gaming experience.

Q2. Why choose 메이저사이트?

A. 메이저사이트 provides a secure gaming environment and superior gaming experience compared to other platforms.

Q3. Is 메이저사이트 safe?

A. Yes, 메이저사이트 undergoes rigorous verification processes to ensure your data and transactions are secure.

Q4. What is the status of 메이저사이트 in the gaming market?

A. 메이저사이트 enjoys an excellent reputation and has experienced significant growth in the gaming market.

Q5. How to identify 메이저사이트?

A. 메이저사이트 is often accompanied by verification and certification, distinguishing them from other gaming sites.…

Unlimited sports coverage at your fingertips: Discover the world of 스포츠중계.

스포츠중계: The Ultimate Sports Streaming Solution

If you are an ardent sports fan, 스포츠중계 is likely a term you’ve come across. What is it about 스포츠중계 that intrigues millions of sports enthusiasts worldwide? Why, from casual observers to die-hard sports fans, is everyone flocking to 스포츠중계? Is it all hype, or does 스포츠중계 genuinely provide an unrivaled sporting experience?

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

What is 스포츠중계?

Sports are for everyone, offering a dynamic social platform uniting folks from all walks of life. But with our hectic lifestyles, watching a live game at the stadium isn’t always feasible. That’s where 스포츠중계 jumps in. Essentially, 스포츠중계 is the Korean term for ‘sports relay’ or ‘sports broadcasting,’ essentially referring to the live streaming of various sports games.

Why would you jump on the 스포츠중계 train? The answer lies in its convenience and comprehensive coverage. Tuning into a live stream on means never missing a goal, a point, or even an ounce of on-field drama.

Why 스포츠중계?

Some might ask, “Why not watch on a typical sports channel?” Here’s the catch. 스포츠중계 unlocks a new dimension of sports enjoyment. Besides allowing you to live stream from anywhere, 스포츠중계 provides diverse sports categories that regular broadcasters may not cover.

Summing Up the 스포츠중계 Experience

스포츠중계 is your one-stop solution for live sports streaming. The platform empowers sports enthusiasts, ensuring they never miss a beat of their favorite sporting events.

In conclusion, 스포츠중계 is not just a trend—it’s your ticket to unlimited sports coverage you can access anytime, anywhere. If you want to level up your love of sports, 스포츠중계 is the way to go.


1. What is 스포츠중계?

The term 스포츠중계 refers to ‘sports relay’ or ‘sports broadcasting,’ essentially meaning ‘sports streaming.’

2. Why choose 스포츠중계 for sports streaming?

Besides the convenience of live streaming, 스포츠중계 also offers coverage of various sports categories that may not be available on typical sports channels.

3. Can I watch any sport on 스포츠중계?

Yes, 스포츠중계 covers a wide range of sports categories.

4. Is 스포츠중계 only available in Korea?

While 스포츠중계 is a Korean term, it’s associated with global sports streaming platforms that cater to worldwide audiences.

5. Is 스포츠중계 only about live streaming?

While live streaming is a major feature of 스포츠중계, it also offers viewers access to past matches’ records and updates.…

Ensuring Secure and Worry-Free Browsing Experience

The Allure of 안전한 사이트

The world of the internet is a vast and diverse entity that captivates millions of users daily. One avenue that keeps users intrigued and consistently engrossed is their engagement with 안전한 사이트 (safe sites).

What Are 안전한 사이트?

In essence, 안전한 사이트 or safe sites are platforms that prioritise safety and reliability. They are websites that have secured systems, protection from malware and phishing attacks, ensure the privacy of user data, and a solid reputation in the online community. The key attraction of these websites lies in their commitment to offering a secure and worry-free browsing experience.

Features of 안전한 사이트

Safe sites offer numerous features that single them out amid the bustling intersections of the internet. Besides their primary focus on security and reliability, they offer high-quality content that aims to provide genuine and enriching user experiences. Authenticity and transparency further bolster their credibility. Navigating through a often feels like driving down a well-policed, clean street, where every turn leads to exciting discoveries with zero potential of dangers or unexpected surprises.

The Appeal of 안전한 사이트

The anxiety that comes with maneuvering the shadowy corners of the internet, with its lurking dangers, cannot be understated. This is where the value of a comes into play. Safe sites remove the element of fear, allowing users to focus on enjoyment and exploration without the paranoia of encountering potential risks. Consequently, it’s no surprise that users flock towards these safe havens in the vast, intricate web of the internet.


The promise of a secure browsing experience is a powerful lure in the vast, unpredictable ocean of the internet. It opens the door for users to explore, learn, and engage without fear or concern for their data’s safety. As the digital age advances, the appeal and necessity of 안전한 사이트 will only magnify, thereby certifying them as essentials in the user’s internet toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an 안전한 사이트?

An 안전한 사이트, known as a safe site, is a website that prioritizes the safety, reliability, and privacy of its users.

2. What are some features of an 안전한 사이트?

Safe sites have secure systems, protect user data, guard against malware and phishing attacks, and offer high-quality content to its users.

3. Why should I use an 안전한 사이트?

Using a 안전한 사이트 ensures a secure and worry-free browsing experience.

4. How can I identify an 안전한 사이트?

Safe sites have a reputation for reliability and integrity in the online community and maintain transparency in their operations.

5. Are all 안전한 사이트 the same?

Not all safe sites are created equal. Each has its unique features and strengths, but they all share the common goal of providing a secure and safe browsing experience.…